People “driven into a frenzy”: Democrats consider Trump to be “chief instigator”


People “frenzied”
Democrats consider Trump to be “chief instigator”

In the impeachment proceedings, it is the accusers’ turn. Trump is guilty of having committed a serious crime against the Constitution and the people. Trump not only instigated the storming of the Capitol, but enjoyed it like “a reality show,” explain the Democrats.

The prosecutors in the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump see the former US president fully responsible for the violent attack on the Capitol. The US Democrats called Trump the “chief instigator” of the Capitol storming. “Donald Trump has committed a serious crime against our Constitution and our people,” said the top Democratic prosecutor of the House of Representatives, Jamie Raskin, now at the trial in the Senate. “He must be condemned by the US Senate.”

Jamie Raskin is the House Democratic chief prosecutor.

(Photo: dpa)

Trump is “not an uninvolved bystander,” as the defense would have us believe. “He started this attack.” The then president sent his supporters to the protests in early January, encouraged violence in advance and “put the crowd in a frenzy on the day of the attack,” said Raskin. He then followed the riot with enthusiasm. “He watched it on TV like a reality show.” Trump failed to protect Congress and stop the violence. In doing so, he violated his constitutional obligations. Immediately after the attack, he did not condemn the violence, but again spread lies about alleged electoral fraud and praised the rioters.

Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol on January 6th. Congress met there to certify the election victory of Trump’s successor in office, Joe Biden. Five people were killed on the brink of the riot, including a police officer. Trump had recently incited his supporters at a rally by claiming that his election victory had been stolen. The Democrats accuse him of “inciting a riot” and have initiated impeachment proceedings against him in the House of Representatives – supported by ten Republican MPs.

This procedure is managed and decided in the Senate. The Congress Chamber takes on the role of a court. The Democrats want to hold Trump accountable even after leaving the White House and at the same time achieve that he is banned from future offices at the federal level. The prerequisite would be that the Republican is convicted in the impeachment process. The necessary two-thirds majority in the Senate is currently not foreseeable.

Investigation into attempted electoral interference by Trump

Trump’s lawyers are currently fighting on all fronts. Because in the last few weeks as President Trump has tried again and again to look for votes in order to get another chance against his challenger Joe Biden. The judiciary is also examining his methods for doing this. In the US state of Georgia there are now investigations into attempts by the ex-president to intervene in the election. As reported in the US media, prosecutor Fani Willis sent letters to several state officials, including Georgia’s election officer, Brad Raffensperger.

This includes investigations into possible incitement to electoral fraud, conspiracy, violation of an oath of office and participation in threats against the electoral authorities. Willis urges those responsible for the authorities to keep all documents available for election for the ongoing investigation. Trump is not mentioned by name in the letter from the District Attorney of Fulton County, where the state capital Atlanta is located.

After his defeat in the presidential election on November 3, 2020 against the Democrat Joe Biden, Trump tried to overturn the election result in Georgia, among other places. Among other things, a telephone call that became public in early January caused outrage in which he asked election supervisor Raffensperger to “find” enough votes so that he could overtake Biden. This phone call is also part of the official charges against Trump in the ongoing impeachment process before the US Senate.

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