Personal publicist Armie Hammer resigned of his own free will


Talking about the actor’s intimate addictions is already becoming a problem.

Last month, Armie Hammer became the hero of a strange scandal: an allegedly leaked correspondence of the actor was published on the network, in which he confesses to his friend that he would like to eat her ribs and drink blood. Users were actively involved in the discussion of Hammer’s “addictions”, christening him a cannibal and a vampire.

In addition, fans recalled Armie’s longtime interview with Playboy, in which he called himself “dominant in bed” and admitted that he enjoyed “grabbing his partners by the hair and neck” until he met his wife, Elizabeth Chambers. In the future, several more women spoke about intimate relationships with the actor. One of them, his ex-girlfriend Paige Lorenz, stated that Armie had carved the letter “A” on her body and that they had “BDSM relationships like in ’50 shades of gray’, but without love.”

To many Hammer fans, the discussion of his leaked and, moreover, unconfirmed intimate correspondence seems absurd. However, rumors are already affecting Army’s entourage. So, the other day the source of The Hollywood Reporter reported that his agent and personal publicist refused to cooperate with Hammer. For what reason, the employees of the actor’s team quit is still unknown. But it is likely that this is due to the scandalous story around him.

Sources from the circle of Armie insist that all talk about Hammer’s addictions is just talk and has nothing to do with reality. “He never ate human flesh, he never drank blood, he never cut off his toe, he never locked anyone in a cage. He didn’t do anything that is in these crazy messages. All this should not be taken literally, “- said the insider.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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