phenomenally thinner Rebel Wilson angered the Network

phenomenally thinner Rebel Wilson angered the Network

The actress and comedian who has lost more than 30 kilograms continues to brag about her progress.

Losing weight by 30 kilograms, Rebel Wilson became the object of negativity on the Web because of a fresh photo in her underwear. Not so long ago, Rebel took up tightly for herself, began to eat right and play sports. A competent approach led to a decent result – Wilson ceased to be like herself.

Increasingly, recently, Rebel has been trying to draw attention to his new body: a celebrity regularly publishes pictures either in a swimsuit or in underwear. So, another new photo became a reason for criticism.

phenomenally thinner Rebel Wilson angered the Network

“It looks very good, but losing weight is probably enough”, “How much you can bare your body! Nothing sacred “,” It seems to me that she went crazy “,” Come on, let the woman boast about the result of hard work “,” Now we will only see the cowards, “they wrote on the Internet.

Photo source: Legion-media

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