Plus-zise model Ashley Graham celebrated her son’s first birthday: “Changed my life”


The first year in the role of a mother, which in addition fell during the pandemic, made an indelible impression on Ashley.

Model Ashley Graham posted on Instagram a post dedicated to her one-year-old son Isaac in honor of his first birthday.

Happy birthday Isaac! You have changed my life and my heart in a way that I could not even imagine. I can’t believe I’m writing this because it seems like we only met yesterday. But at the same time, I no longer remember what my life was like before you. Watching how you grow up and learn is the greatest gift, ”wrote Ashley on her microblog. Graham accompanied her post with a video in which she noted that with the advent of the baby, she realized that she was capable of love. “I never thought I could love. People are trying to explain it to you, but you won’t understand until you have a baby, ”Ashley says in the video.

Also in her message, the model turned to other mothers: “Last year taught us to be strong and flexible. I send my love to everyone who bore maternal responsibilities during the pandemic. A year has passed, I wonder what the new time will bring us. “

As a mother a year ago, Ashley decided to fight the stereotypes and stigmas that relate to motherhood. So, the model tries to dispel myths about cloudless maternal everyday life, about complex feelings that a mother or a pregnant woman supposedly should not experience, and, finally, about the body of a pregnant woman who has given birth, which is customary to be ashamed. Some messages and photos of Ashley seem provocative and too daring to many, but the model also has many supporters who thank her for her honesty and spontaneity.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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