Podcast “How does America tick?”: US Economy 2021 – Recovery or Crash?


The US is in turmoil. Political earthquakes, social unrest and an escalating pandemic that is leaving an increasing swath of economic devastation.

The negative risks in the USA are great, but there are also many indications of a recovery. Are we underestimating America’s growth potential? To what extent do economists take into account the enormous uncertainty caused by the corona pandemic? Will the upcoming President Biden manage to get the economy back on track? And what does the new government mean for the trade disputes with Europe?

Sandra Navidi talks about this in the current episode of “How Does America Tick?” with Professor Harm Bandholz, the former long-time chief economist of the UniCredit Group in New York.

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“How does America tick?” is the ntv business podcast from New York with business expert, lawyer and bestselling author Sandra Navidi. She has been working on Wall Street for almost two decades and explains how US President Donald Trump’s impulsive politics upset the world order and the consequences this has for the German economy, consumers and investors.

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