“Pointless, stupid, avoidable”: Michael J. Fox talks about rock bottom

“Pointless, stupid, avoidable”: Michael J. Fox talks about rock bottom

Michael J. Fox has had Parkinson’s for 29 years. Now the US actor is publishing a biography in which he writes about his life with the disease. In a TV interview, he tells of a fateful fall that marks the lowest point.

In the 1980s, Michael J. Fox, then in his mid-twenties, became a cult with his role as Marty McFly in three “Back to the Future” films. Further engagements followed, including starring in the films “Teen Wolf” and “The Secret of My Success” as well as in the mid-1990s in the sitcom “Chaos City”. In 2000, however, Fox ended his career due to advanced Parkinson’s disease. He was diagnosed with the disease back in 1991.

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Now the 59-year-old publishes an autobiography entitled “No Time Like The Future”, which of course also or above all revolves around his life with Parkinson’s.

On the US talk show “Good Moning America” ​​he not only talked about the book, but also openly about the incurable disease, health setbacks and its rock bottom. The incident happened two years ago when Fox had just removed a tumor from his spine. He had to learn how to walk again afterwards, was very shaky and slipped one morning in his kitchen.

No control over the body

The moment he fell on the tiled floor, he knew that he had “smashed” his arm, he said on TV. “So I lay next to the phone and waited for the ambulance to come. I was lying on the floor with my broken arm. That was my low point. It was so pointless and so stupid, so avoidable,” he recalls. Because everyone was very careful with him and had warned him to be careful. “I couldn’t just stand up and walk because I had little control over my swing and direction.”

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The otherwise optimistic Fox was on the verge of losing his courage and his positive outlook on life, but the advice of his late father-in-law helped him not to do so. “‘It’s getting better, little one. It’s getting better. The last thing you lose is the future,‘” the father of his wife Tracy Pollan used to say to him. “He was grateful every day, and I realized that as long as there is gratitude, you can maintain your optimism.”

And so Michael J. Fox continues to surprise his fans with his humor to this day. Most recently he appeared as a guest at the end of a trailer for the new song by rapper Lil Nas X. In the video on Youtube, Fox slips back into the role of the time traveler McFly from his greatest box office success for the first time since 1991. But then he no longer plays in the futuristic video for the song “Holiday”.

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