Police are intentional: US pharmacist destroys hundreds of vaccine doses


Police assume intent
US pharmacist destroys hundreds of vaccine doses

The vaccination campaign in the USA is in full swing. Apparently, a pharmacist deliberately destroys more than 500 cans of the Moderna variant by leaving them to stand for too long. Before the crime is discovered, some of the ineffective vaccine is administered.

A former Wisconsin hospital pharmacy employee is accused of ruining around 570 doses of a coronavirus vaccine. Initial investigations have shown that the suspect deliberately removed the vaccine from the manufacturer Moderna from the refrigerator and left it overnight, the police in Grafton said. The man admitted that he knew that the vaccine doses were thus useless.

According to the police, the incident occurred on December 26th. 57 doses of the ineffective vaccine were administered, which, according to the hospital, does not pose a direct risk to those affected. The remaining ampoules were discarded and the vaccinations must be repeated. The value of the destroyed vaccines is estimated at around $ 8,000 to $ 11,000. The motive for the act was initially unclear.

The man was arrested, but is now at large again, reported the “Spiegel”. Accordingly, no charges have been brought so far. The police are investigating suspected deliberate endangerment and adulteration of a prescription drug.

In the USA, the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus has been running since mid-December, initially with the vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer, but now also with the Moderna variant. Since the start of the corona pandemic, around 20 million corona infections have been detected in the United States, and around 340,000 people have died associated with the virus.

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