Police violence video against black musicians shocked all of France


A video from Paris caused horror across France – and fueled the discussion about the new security law again. It shows massive police violence against a black man.

A new video shocks France: Amid the debate over a new security law, it shows massive police violence. The law provides for making pictures of police officers on duty a criminal offense.

The magazine “Loopsider” published the recordings on Thursday that are said to show three police officers beating a man massively. You can see the footage in our video above or here see. The incident is said to have occurred in Paris on Saturday. The black music producer Michel was on the street without the mouth and nose protective mask required in Paris when he saw a police car.

Officials have been suspended

He then quickly rushed to the production studio. The footage from the surveillance camera installed there is supposed to show the three police officers following him and pushing him through the door. You can see them beating Michel in the entrance of the studio for several minutes.

He claims to have been racially insulted by the police several times and to have called for help. Finally, Michel managed to alert musicians in the studio basement. Then you can see the police officers being pushed out of the studio. Later pictures show the producer with massive injuries.

The police said “Loopsider” said that Michel had resisted and was violent. “Fortunately we have these videos,” said the producer’s lawyer. The officers have now been suspended.

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