POPCORN News 2020 Results: Most Criticized Celebrity of the Year


Amber Heard, Chrissy Teigen, J.K. Rowling, Meghan Markle and Harry Styles this year made us nostalgically reminiscent of the times when paparazzi photos were considered scandals drunk and without underwear.

Amber Heard (for the violence against Johnny Depp)

POPCORN News 2020 Results: Most Criticized Celebrity of the Year

The divorce of Amber and Johnny took place back in 2017, but since then, the proceedings of the former spouses have not stopped – and are only gaining momentum. The “peak” of the confrontation came just in 2020, when new details surfaced in mutual claims – thanks to the British court. Depp filed a lawsuit against the tabloid The Sun, whose 2018 article mentioned that Depp raised his hand against his wife. The Daily Mail managed to obtain audio recordings in which Amber Heard admits that she hit her ex-husband, and Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis spoke in his defense. Depp himself shared in court a number of very unpleasant details about his marriage to Amber, but the court still lost – and after a few days he lost his job. Warner Bros. Studio suggested that Depp “of his own free will” abandon the role in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise, the fans of the actor, already annoyed, were completely angry with this decision and even launched a petition demanding to fire Amber Heard from Aquaman – her has already been signed by almost 2 million people.

Chrissy Teigen (for a photo of a miscarriage)

Rowling was accused of disrespect and even hatred of trans people, to which the writer revealed her views on gender in more detail: “If there is no gender, there is no same-sex attraction. If there is no gender, the experience of women living this reality is erased. I know and love trans people, but trying to erase the concept of gender means depriving many of the opportunity to discuss their lives. ”

Twitter recalled last year’s tweet to the writer in support of Maya Forsteiter, who was fired due to “transphobic” messages on social networks, Rowling tried to conduct a discussion with the Twitter audience – but in the end only added fuel to the fire, and ultimately even former colleagues (including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint) disowned the writer and her views on transgenderism.

Harry Styles (for photo in dresses)

Almost at the very end of the year, Harry Styles was included in the list of the main “brawlers”; ex-member of the One Direction group, now successfully building a solo career as both a singer and an actor, Harry angered the public by starring in a photo shoot for Vogue – in dresses. It would seem that Styles is far from the first representative of the strong half of humanity to try on a dress, but for some reason it was he who caused a real “explosion” of indignation. Activist Candice Owen said that in the West “there is a steady feminization of our men” and called for the return of “courageous men” to society – to which Harry Styles responded with another photo shoot in women’s clothing, this time for Variety and with a banana as props …

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