Power did not fill him

Power did not fill him

Thomas Oppermann was sporty, liked to run up the Brocken in the Harz Mountains and looked younger than he was. That is also why the sudden death of the 66-year-old is so concerned.

Somebody from the company that everyone knew and loved, dies suddenly. Thomas Oppermann wanted to do what he had done so often, to give an interview. Nothing special for a few minutes at home in Göttingen. Collapse and death. Out of nowhere, no warning. In the middle of life, as it is now called in the obituaries of his colleague friends, who were not only in the SPD, but also in other parties.

It’s just like this: in the middle of life we ​​are surrounded by death. Each of us knows that, each of us suppresses it, what else? Politics devours people more than other professions because they are constantly on the presentation plate and are examined: grades for appearance and demeanor, for intelligence and character, for speeches or Silence, whether you seem confident or are easily offended. You should be professional, but also confident. Rule us, but also be one of us.

Sympathy for the likeable colleague Oppermann

When someone is torn from life, the other politicians pause for a moment. The expressions of sadness and dismay are often meant honestly. Solidarity is a beautiful but rare commodity, more readily available in the face of death. The sympathy that Thomas Oppermann receives across all parties goes to the fair and sympathetic colleague and it follows the thought: Oh God, that could just happen to me, wait for the assignment at “Bonn direkt” and bang, it’s over.

A few weeks ago I was in a small group with Thomas Oppermann. He was relaxed and looked distinguished, which is not the norm with Social Democrats. He was at peace with himself, he didn’t want to compete again the next year, he was 66, it was enough. He would have liked to have been more than second row, Interior Minister for example, but before him there were a number of people in power who also came from Lower Saxony: Schröder, Stuck, Gabriel. From the coming year he wanted to do something different again, as they say when you have decided to leave.

The human aspect was stronger in Oppermann

Oppermann was not a power man. He was well read and thoughtful. Slim and sporty. He wasn’t drinking, he looked considerably younger than he was. In the Harz he liked to run up the Brocken. A pleasant conversation partner, precisely because he didn’t inflate himself. I would have granted him if he could have watched many more games of his BG Göttingen, because he had been a basketball fan since his youth.

Of course, Thomas Oppermann knew what power was, but it did not fill him up. The human was stronger, so he didn’t get lost in thirty years of politics. How nice for him and what a pity that he is denied life after politics.

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Author: Killian Jones
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