Power struggle after election – President resigns

Power struggle after election – President resigns

Bloody protests have been raging in Kyrgyzstan since the parliamentary elections a week and a half ago, and political chaos threatens. Now President Dscheenbekov has given in to pressure from the opposition.

In the power struggle in Kyrgyzstan, President Sooronbay Dscheenbekov has resigned. “I’m not holding onto power,” he said on Thursday in the capital, Bishkek. He does not want to go down in history as the head of state who shot at his own citizens, said Dscheenbekov in a speech published by his office.

The 61-year-old had only been in office since 2017. He had recently signaled his withdrawal, but left the timing open. Dscheenbekov argued that a change of president in the midst of a political crisis would throw the country into chaos. Demonstrators in the high mountain country on the border with China had repeatedly called for his resignation.

Kyrgyzstan: bloody protests with hundreds injured

On Wednesday, the new Prime Minister Sadyr Shaparov insisted that Dscheenbekow resign from office. The background is the parliamentary election more than a week and a half ago, which was accompanied by forgeries. Two parties related to the government received the most votes. Many opposition parties, on the other hand, missed their entry into parliament.

Prime Minister Sadyr Shaparov had asked Dscheenbekow to resign. (Source: dpa)

Thereupon there were bloody protests with hundreds injured. Protesters stormed government buildings. The election commission then canceled the result. There should be a new election in the ex-Soviet republic in the coming weeks.

During the protests, Shaparov was released from prison by supporters. At first, Dscheenbekow did not want to recognize him as the new head of government. Several groups are fighting for influence in the country. Russia as an ally warned of political chaos. There has been a night curfew in Bishkek since the weekend. Protests are therefore prohibited.

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