President adds: Trump’s lawyers cut lawsuit


Donald Trump claims his opponents manipulated the presidential election. However, the lawsuits brought by him have so far not been successful. Another defeat is also looming in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump’s lawyers have toned down a lawsuit against the result of the presidential election in the important state of Pennsylvania. When updating the complaint, you deleted the allegations that the vote counting violated constitutional rights by Trump observers. Trump’s lawyers wanted to invalidate several hundred thousand votes in Pennsylvania on this basis.

The allegation remains that Trump’s Republican voters were disadvantaged in Pennsylvania because some districts with a democratic orientation were allowed to correct mistakes in ballot papers. Trump refuses to acknowledge challenger Joe Biden’s election victory, claiming without evidence that he lost to fraud.

Pennsylvania brings 20 votes from electoral voters. 270 votes are required for the victory, Biden got 306 in the election. It remained unclear whether the partial backward movement in Pennsylvania is an admission of a legal impasse or just a reorganization. Trump promised new lawsuits on Monday night.

“Our big cases will soon be filed showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 election and the atrocities that were perpetrated to change the outcome,” he wrote on Twitter. The previous lawsuits have had little success with the judges. Government agencies also said the choice was the safest yet.

Lots of postal voters

Trump, meanwhile, appeared to appeal to the US Supreme Court on Twitter. “Those responsible for protecting our constitution must not let the fake results of the 2020 postal vote stand,” he wrote. Trump had placed particular emphasis on bringing the conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court shortly before the presidential election, also with a view to possible proceedings around the election result. The Conservatives now have a majority of six of the nine judges there. Three of them were appointed on Trump’s proposal.

In view of the corona pandemic, many Americans – especially Democrats in large cities – voted by letter. Since in several states these documents were only counted after the ballot papers from the polling stations, Trump was initially in the lead and was then overtaken by Biden. In Arizona, however, there was the opposite development: There Trump caught up with the counting of the postal vote – but Biden still won the state by a narrow margin.

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