President Putin allows himself to continue to rule until 2036


A new law sets the terms of office of Russian President Vladimir Putin to zero. This means that the 68-year-old can theoretically stay in power for another 15 years.

With a signature, Russian President Vladimir Putin made it possible for himself to theoretically retain power until 2036. The law, which sets Putin’s previous terms in office to zero, was published on a government portal on Monday.

The State Duma passed the law at the end of March. This implemented a central point of the controversial new constitution that the Russians voted on last July.

Putin should actually have left the Kremlin in 2024

According to the old 1993 constitution, Putin should have left the Kremlin in 2024. Due to the cancellation of his previous terms of office since 2000, he can now also run for the next two presidential elections – and theoretically continue to govern until 2036. So far, however, the 68-year-old Kremlin chief has left it open whether he actually intends to do so.

The largest constitutional change in Russian history had also given Putin significantly more powers. At the time, Russian opposition officials accused the president of abuse of power and overthrowing the constitution.

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