President Trump criticized Democrat Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

Despite the fact that Bloomberg is not involved in the passing primaries, Trump sees him as a serious opponent

While voters in New Hampshire went to the polling stations on Tuesday — the country’s first party primaries began today in the state, President Donald Trump attacked one of the Democratic nominees, whose name was not listed on the ballots.

In a tweet that was deleted a few minutes after publication, Trump called Michael Bloomberg “a complete racist,” accompanying his post with a link to an audio recording of a former New York mayor’s speech in 2015 in defense of the controversial detention and search policy that city police primarily used against young African Americans.

On the tape you can hear how the current presidential candidate admits that African Americans were in the focus of police attention “because that’s where all the crimes happen.

Joining the Democratic presidential race last year, Bloomberg apologized for the detention and search policy he once pursued in New York City, admitting that he was wrong

At the end of 2016, Trump, who was the presidential candidate at the time, said in an interview with Fox News that the New York police’s policy “worked very well,” and proposed introducing it at the federal level.

Since Bloomberg decided to run for president, he has posted several videos directly attacking Trump. The billionaire has already spent more than $ 310 million on advertising since the start of his campaign.

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