Prince William disappointed with Prince Harry’s letter


The pictures with the mother were seen as a publicity stunt.

In a recent issue of the Daily Mail, royal expert Phil Dampier explained why Prince William disapproves of his younger brother’s recent statement on the newly launched charity’s website. The Dukes of Sussex – Prince Harry and his wife Meghan – founded a new organization called Archewell. On the website of this company, the couple left a message for 2021, which said: “I am the son of my mother. And I am the mother of our son. Together we bring you Archewell. We believe in the best that humanity has. Because we have seen the best in humanity. We experienced compassion and kindness. And from our mothers, and from strangers. “

In addition to the published letter, the site posted photographs of Prince Harry as a child with his mother Princess Diana, as well as pictures of Meghan Markle with her mother Doria Ragland. According to sources from the royal family, older brother William did not appreciate Harry’s post. He believed that the Duke of Sussex wanted to use the image of their mother for selfish motives. Phil Dampier explained it this way: “William is very worried that Harry is using the image of Diana for his own purposes without first consulting him.”

As the royal expert explains, Diana’s eldest son will not support her husband Meghan Markle’s exemplary activities, as the fact that Harry did not mention his father in his message speaks of the targeted use of the name of the famous princess, because he is not only “his mother’s son”, but and the son of Prince Charles.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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