Priyanka Chopra showed how she looked before nose surgery


The actress shared a footage from 20 years ago.

Yesterday, 38-year-old Priyanka Chopra shared an archive photo with her followers on Instagram, in which she is 19 years old. In the picture, Priyanka demonstrates a great figure, posing in a bikini and light-colored trousers. Users noticed that the actress’s face has changed significantly since that time. The fact is that in her youth, Chopra underwent surgery on her nose, as a result of which it shrank, and in the photo she was captured before the surgery.

Nevertheless, subscribers showered Priyanka with compliments: “I was a queen and remained a queen”, “What are you!” beauty inspires. “

In her biography Unfinished: A Memoir, the actress spoke about that operation. According to Priyanka, she had to correct the shape of her nose due to a doctor’s oversight, although many still doubt this and believe that the actress is simply embarrassed to admit that she deliberately made a nose job.

In 2001, Chopra says, she began to suffer from a “lingering cold.” Over time, the actress developed breathing problems. The doctors said she had a polyp in her nasal cavity and ordered surgery. However, the procedure for removing the polyp turned into a nightmare for Priyanka: “When the doctor removed the polyp, he accidentally touched the nasal septum and broke it. When the bandages were removed and it became clear that my nose was ruined, my mother and I were horrified. My nose was gone. I looked in the mirror and saw an unfamiliar face. Self-esteem and self-perception fell so low that I thought I would never recover. “

After that, Priyanka went to correctional procedures for several years and “tried to accept her new face.” At the same time, articles appeared in the media one after another that the actress had done plastic surgery, and this, according to Chopra, depressed her very much.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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