Prosecutor accuses Netanyahu of massive abuse of power


Jewelry, cigars and pink champagne for political favors? The Israeli prime minister has to face allegations of corruption in court. Netanyahu himself speaks of a witch hunt.

In the corruption process against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the prosecutor accused the 71-year-old of massive abuse of power. Before the witness interview began, Liat Ben Ari spoke of a serious corruption case in the Jerusalem District Court. Netanyahu misused his great power for personal purposes and granted central media in the country benefits, among other things in order to be re-elected.

According to media reports, Ben Ari emphasized in her address that everyone is equal before the law. The indictment against Netanyahu is based on a lot of solid evidence.

The Prime Minister was present during the Prosecutor’s speech and then left the courtroom. He is charged with fraud, embezzlement and corruption. From now on, the witness questioning is to take place three times a week. Netanyahu rejects all allegations, he has repeatedly spoken of a witch hunt against him and his family.

Protests in front of the district court

Opponents of Netanyahu demonstrated in front of the district court on Monday. They held up a large banner that read “Crime Minister” (Crime Minister instead of Prime Minister). Netanyahu supporters also demonstrated and showed their support for the prime minister. Hundreds of police officers were on duty to ensure security.

Among other things, Netanyahu is suspected of having granted perks to telecom giant Bezeq as communications minister. In return, the medium “Walla” belonging to the group is said to have reported positively about him. Former Walla managing director Ilan Yeschua is the first witness to be questioned in the trial.

Netanyahu is also accused of having accepted luxury gifts worth around 700,000 shekels (EUR 184,000) from friends of his billionaires – jewelry, cigars and pink champagne. He is also said to have offered the critical newspaper publisher Arnon Moses to weaken his rival newspaper in return for positive reporting.

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