Protection of immigrant children: Richter cashes in Trump’s migration policy

Protection of immigrant children: Richter cashes in Trump’s migration policy

Obama is introducing something, Trump is trying to get rid of it. This was also the case with the program to protect the children of illegally immigrated people. The pattern “Obama is building, Trump is building back” is now one episode richer, at least in the area of ​​migration policy.

A court has lifted US government restrictions on protecting children of illegally immigrated people. Federal judge Garaufis ruled that the incumbent Homeland Security Minister Wolf was not authorized to restrict the regulations for around 700,000 so-called Dreamer who came illegally to the United States as children with their parents.

Wolf, who has not been confirmed as Minister of Homeland Security by the Senate to this day, issued new restrictions on the “Dreamers” program in July, which, according to the judge, practically suspended it. Judge Garaufis ruled that Wolf was not legally serving as Secretary of Homeland Security when he issued the restrictions. The correct procedure for filling the ministerial post had not been followed. It’s not the first time the legitimacy of Wolf’s appointment has been called into question.

Victory for Obama supporters

The court decision is another victory for supporters of Barack Obama, who enacted the Daca program to protect the “Dreamer” as president. Since taking office, his successor, President Donald Trump, has made several attempts to abolish the program. In June, the US Supreme Court ruled the cancellation of the program illegal.

Thereupon the acting Minister of Homeland Security Wolf had issued restrictions, according to which no new applications for the program can be made and the residence permit of participants in the program can only be extended by one year instead of the previous two years.

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