Protesters invade the Capitol


Local media reports that protesters have entered the House of Representatives in Kansas. In another US state, the Capitol was cordoned off.

Not only in Washington, but also in Kansas, protesters have reportedly stormed the state’s House of Representatives. Local television station KSNT, owned by national broadcaster NBC, reported that people entered the ground floor of the Kansas State Capitol on Wednesday noon (local time). As the newspaper “Kansas City Star” writes, there are around 200 supporters of the incumbent US President Donald Trump.

However, as reported by KSNT and other local media, the protests are peaceful. Photos in social networks and by journalists also show demonstrators standing in a hall. Some brought crosses, others brought American flags. According to the KSNT, the police are on site, but are not taking any action. A security guard told the broadcaster that the demonstrators were allowed to be in the building.

The Texas Capitol was closed as a precaution over the protests in Washington. Also in the state in the capital Austin reportedly hundreds of people gathered in front of the parliament building. As can be seen in photos by journalist Lynda M. González, they are waving flags, including those of Trump’s 2020 election campaign.

The election result was supposed to be confirmed on Wednesday. The Democrat Joe Biden prevailed against incumbent Trump in the November election. The meeting had to be broken off when supporters of the president stormed the building. Here you can read more about it.

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