Protests against electoral defeat: Thousands want “four more years” for Trump

Protests against electoral defeat: Thousands want “four more years” for Trump

Donald Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat in the US election. His supporters also fight back loudly at a protest in Washington. The US president drops in briefly at the protests, but then prefers to have fun on the golf course.

Thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump have gathered in Washington to protest against the election of the incumbent. The protesters demanded “four more years” for Trump in the White House despite the election victory of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden and denounced an alleged election fraud.

Trump himself drove his presidential limousine past Freedom Plaza, where at least 10,000 demonstrators had gathered. There he was received with loud cheers. Trump smiled and waved to the protesters. The President then went on to golf. On the online service Twitter Trump wrote that “hundreds of thousands” protesters took to the streets in Washington for him. His spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany even claimed that there were more than a million participants, which was obviously grossly exaggerated.

Donald Trump also showed up at the protests …

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After the demonstration, there were isolated brawls between supporters and opponents of the president. A person was injured by stab wounds, as the TV broadcaster Fox reported, citing the mayor’s office. Two police officers were also injured and there were 20 arrests. The event was called “Million MAGA March”, based on Trump’s campaign motto “Make America Great Again”. Various groups called for participation in the rallies, including Enrique Tarrio, leader of the nationalist “Proud Boys”, and the group “Women for Trump”.

The president continues to refuse to admit defeat in the November 3rd presidential election. On Friday, however, he seemed for the first time to indicate a possible relenting: The “future” will show who will rule the country in the future, he said in a subordinate sentence at a speech in the rose garden of the White House.

No evidence of election fraud

On Friday, the television stations CNN and ABC had proclaimed former Vice President Biden the winner in the embattled southern state of Georgia with its 16 voters. This brings Biden to 306 of the country’s 538 electorates; he needed 270 to win an election.


… then we went to golf.

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At the same time, CNN and ABC announced that Trump had won the contested North Carolina with its 15 voters. This declared winners in all states. Trump has a total of 232 voters.

The incumbent has been speaking of alleged electoral fraud for days without evidence and accuses the Democrats of trying to “steal” his election. So far, the electoral authorities have not reported any major irregularities in a single US state. High-ranking representatives of the US electoral authorities firmly rejected allegations of fraud in a joint statement: The November 3rd election was “the safest in American history”.

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