Protests in Philadelphia: Police shots lead to riots

Protests in Philadelphia: Police shots lead to riots

In Philadelphia, two white police officers shoot an armed black man. The man is said to have suffered from mental health problems. Serious riots broke out during demonstrations after the incident. The White House has announced tough crackdown on the protesters.

In the USA, fatal police shots at an African American have sparked protests, some of which were violent. In clashes with protesters in the city of Philadelphia, around 30 police officers were injured on Tuesday night, the authorities said. A woman officer suffered a broken leg when she was rammed by a pickup truck. The big city in the east of the USA was looted.

Two white police officers shot a black man armed with a knife on Monday afternoon. The incident is captured on a cell phone video. There you can hear the officers requesting the 27-year-old to throw away the knife. When the man identified as Walter Wallace pushes his mother away and runs towards the police officers, the officers open fire. According to his family, the 27-year-old suffered from mental health problems.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Philadelphia after the fatal police shots. There were riots and clashes with the police. The White House threatened to send federal police officers to the city. “President Trump will not tolerate any violence against American police officers,” said White House communications director Alyssa Farah on Fox News. There should be no “lawlessness on our streets”.

In the United States, after the death of the African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis at the end of May, protests against racism and police violence continued. On the fringes of the mostly peaceful demonstrations, there were repeated riots. Trump, who is about to be re-elected in a week, used this regularly to present himself as the “President of Law and Order”.

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