Putin is said to have brought “secret weapon” to the Trump meeting – a woman

Putin is said to have brought “secret weapon” to the Trump meeting – a woman

Donald Trump’s ex-spokeswoman has written an exposé book about the former US president. In it, she reports on an alleged planned manipulation of Trump by Putin.

In her reveal book “I’ll Take Your Questions Now – What I Saw at the Trump White House”, Stephanie Grisham, former press spokeswoman for ex-US President Donald Trump, writes about a meeting between the Republican and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The latter brought an attractive woman with him to distract Trump, according to Grisham. The meeting took place in 2019 at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

“Chosen to distract Trump”

Grisham writes that former US security officer Fiona Hill, who acted as Trump’s advisor on Russia affairs, leaned over to her at the beginning of the meeting and asked “if I noticed Putin’s translator, a very attractive brunette woman with long hair, a pretty face and a great figure “. Grisham went on to write, “She went on to tell me that she suspected that Putin had chosen this woman specifically to distract our president.”

According to the New York Post, this woman was Daria Boyarskaya, now 36. The translator gives insights on Instagram and also shares professionally taken photos of herself or dance videos there.

Daria Boyarskaya trained as a translator at the St. Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation. She also dances salsa and bachata.

Putin spokesman Dimitri Peskov denied the claim that the Kremlin chief brought Boyarskaya to the meeting as a kind of “secret weapon”. “The interpreters are provided by the State Department at the request of the presidential administration. Putin himself is not involved in this process,” said Peskow, according to the “East2West” page, to which the “New York Post” refers. According to this, Boyarskaya accompanied Putin at a meeting with Barack Obama in 2016.

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