Putin praises Bolsonaro’s “masculine qualities” – he is ridiculed


After praising the Russian President, many Brazilians make up their minds Head of State Bolsonaro funny. A representation on the Internet should hit the homophobic politician particularly.

With praise for the “male qualities” of the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin caused ridicule in Brazil’s online networks. Bolsonaro distributed a video on Facebook in which Putin attested during an online summit that he had “demonstrated the best male qualities such as courage and willpower” when he was infected with corona in July.

Quite a few internet users made fun of the relationship between the two heads of state with memes. In photo montages, for example, Putin and Bolsonaro were shown with bare torsos on a horse.

The users were alluding to a famous photo with which Putin portrayed himself as a strong man in Russia a few years ago.

Vladimir Putin, bare-chested, riding a horse: This photo was taken in 2009. (Source: imago images)

At the virtual meeting of the heads of state and government of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, Putin also praised Bolsonaro’s management of the corona pandemic, which many epidemiologists had criticized as chaotic and irresponsible. The Brazilian president said he was infected with the corona virus in July after appearing in front of his supporters at numerous public appearances without a mask.

Bolsonaro a “notoriously homophobic”

Reinaldo Azevedo, one of Brazil’s most respected political commentators, pointed out that Putin was, like Bolsonaro, a “notoriously homophobic”. The right-wing radical head of state Bolsonaro has repeatedly attracted attention with anti-gay statements.

Azevedo also recalled that Bolsonaro would have welcomed the unexpected support from Moscow following the electoral defeat of his most important ally and role model, US President Donald Trump. Like Trump, Bolsonaro has not yet recognized his defeat and has not congratulated the elected US President Joe Biden on his victory.

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