Radicalization of the “lateral thinkers”: Söder warns of “Corona-RAF”


Radicalization of the “lateral thinkers”
Söder warns of “Corona-RAF”

For Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder, the storming of the US Capitol is the pinnacle of a development that can also be observed in Germany with a view to the “lateral thinker” scene. Sect-like movements would radicalize and threaten democracy. He calls on the authorities to act.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder from the CSU has warned against a radicalization of the so-called “lateral thinkers” scene. “Even if the polls of the AfD fall, there is a risk that a Corona mob or a type of Corona RAF could form from their environment in Germany, which could become increasingly aggressive and even violent,” said Söder in an interview with the “World on Sunday”. Söder commented on the events in the United States, where radical supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump forcibly stormed the seat of Parliament last Wednesday.

The incident was a “shame for the leading democracy in the western world,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister. “Bad thoughts turn into bad words and at some point also bad deeds,” warned Söder. “That’s why we not only have to improve the security measures for the democratic institutions in Germany, but also fundamentally look at the sect-like movement of ‘lateral thinkers’ and other comparable groups.” There is a risk that “small protest groups will develop out of larger movements, which ultimately form a radical core that can turn into a terrorist cell.”

Terrorism expert Peter Neumann from King’s College in London is also concerned about the events in the United States. The storm on the US Capitol in Washington is the beginning of an “extremist movement”. That was “not the end point, but the beginning of an extremist movement that will also be violent,” Neumann told ntv.de.

Söder defends vaccine strategy

In the interview, Söder also defended the corona crisis management in Germany. To leave the initiative to buy corona vaccines to the EU Commission was “not wrong”, “only the previous result is not yet satisfactory”. That is why it is important that Chancellor Angela Merkel has made vaccine supply a top priority and thus made it an overall task of the federal government. “It will surely get better now,” predicted Söder. Among other things, there will be “faster approval of new vaccines”, “without disregarding the duty of care during testing”.

In order to increase the willingness to vaccinate in Germany, Söder recommended that “role models from public life should also be vaccinated”. “This is how people realize: the vaccine is safe.” Söder also spoke out in favor of asking the German Ethics Council at the end of January to comment on the “sensitive question” of vaccination.

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