Rape Trial: No Government Attorney for Trump

Rape Trial: No Government Attorney for Trump

The accusation against Donald Trump weighs heavily: in the mid-1990s, he is said to have raped a well-known US columnist. Trump denies this. In a trial on the allegations, he wanted to be defended by a government attorney. A New York judge now rejects this.

In connection with the rape allegation of the well-known columnist E. Jean Carroll against President Donald Trump, the US Justice Department suffered a setback. A judge in New York rejected the department’s motion to have Trump represented by a government attorney. The now 76-year-old Carroll accuses Trump of raping her in the dressing room of a New York luxury department store in the mid-1990s.

After the rape allegations became known last year, Trump accused Carroll of “totally lying”. In an interview, Trump said he didn’t even know Carroll. “She’s not my type,” he added. Carroll then filed a defamation lawsuit against the president in New York.

In September the Justice Department attempted to replace one of Trump’s personal lawyers with a government attorney in the trial. Trump had “acted within the scope of his office or his employment” when he made the allegedly defamatory remarks, the ministry said as a reason. Therefore he could be defended by government lawyers. The judge in New York now rejected this.

Carroll welcomed the decision. It can now finally be returned to the question of “whether President Trump raped me in a department store 20 years ago,” said the journalist, who has been writing a column in the women’s magazine “Elle” for many years. She is one of several women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct prior to his tenure as US president. Trump denies all of the allegations.

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