Rapper Lil Wayne faces 10 years in prison for possession of firearms

Rapper Lil Wayne faces 10 years in prison for possession of firearms

The musician will appear in court next month.

According to TMZ, the 38-year-old rapper faces a serious prison sentence. The Attorney for the Southern District of Florida has charged Wayne with illegal possession of a weapon. The situation is significantly aggravated by the fact that earlier, in 2009, the perpetrator had already been convicted of a similar crime. Now, if the rapper is found guilty, he could face a 10-year prison sentence.

The charge was based on an incident in December 2019. Federal agents searching Wayne’s private jet found drugs and weapons in his luggage – a gold-plated pistol. According to the musician’s lawyer Howard Srebnik, “There is no claim that Wayne ever fired, brandished, used or threatened to use these weapons. There is no claim that this person is dangerous. “

According to the lawyer, the rapper was charged due to the fact that in the past he had already been caught in the illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. Since then, Wayne has been banned from owning a firearm – violation of which carries a considerable prison sentence. The musician’s fans will find out what the court’s decision will be next month.

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