Razer has unveiled an update to the popular BlackWidow V3 keyboard

Razer has unveiled an update to the popular BlackWidow V3 keyboard

Razer has announced an update to its popular Razer BlackWidow V3 keyboard. The keyboard shown is a continuation of a line that began in 2010. The new model features two-switch options, one is the classic Razer Green Mechanical Switch, which provides the player with precise actuation control with a click and tactile feedback when pressed, and the other is the quiet Razer Yellow Mechanical Switch for quiet operation. with a linear characteristic. To provide an extra level of noise suppression, Razer has fitted the Razer Yellow switches with silicone mufflers. Both keyboard switches are made of clear plastic to provide even more brightness to traditional Razer Chroma RGB lighting. In the new version of the keyboard, Razer has added a multi-function wheel to control multimedia and adjust settings. The keyboard case is made of aluminum, the connection is via a USB cable. The keyboard operates at a polling rate of 1000 Hz for immediate response. Any key can be programmed using the proprietary Razer Synapse 3 utility. The manufacturer has announced the price of the new product at $ 139.99.

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