Razer unveils Project Hazel reusable respirator


Razer has unveiled a reusable respirator called Project Hazel. Made of transparent, waterproof, recycled, scratch-resistant plastic. respirator complies with N95 medical requirements. Currently undergoing certification, the company said it is working with medical professionals to get it approved. On the side of the respirator, there are two zones that allow air intake using air filtering fans. The fans are battery operated and can be removed for recharging and disinfection. According to the manufacturer, the respirator filters 95% of airborne particles, including the COVID-19 virus. The respirator has microphones built into the fans, which allow you to comfortably communicate with others without raising your voice. Razer has traditionally used Chroma RGB lighting with its other devices in Project Hazel, which will provide the fan rings with a user-selected light. A large charging case is used to charge the device, which will also sterilize the mask with ultraviolet light.

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