Reaction to allegations of bullying: Chrissy Teigen wants to sue Costello

Reaction to allegations of bullying: Chrissy Teigen wants to sue Costello

Responding to allegations of bullying

Chrissy Teigen wants to sue Costello

The dispute between model Chrissy Teigen and star designer Michael Costello seems to escalate. Because he claimed that she bullied and severely traumatized him, the model is now threatening legal action.

The model Chrissy Teigen and the designer Michael Costello are hard at a clinch. Now the model threatens publicly with legal action via Twitter. Previously, Costello had accused her of bullying. To this end, he first published an alleged chat history between himself and Teigen. In an interview, Costello also said that Teigen wanted to ruin his career and that he has evidence for it. He is depressed to this day, had suicidal thoughts and was severely traumatized because Teigen once treated him badly.

All nonsense, replies Teigen and becomes abundantly clear: “I don’t know what the hell Michael Costello is doing.” The private messages he published are only fake; alleged emails that he still wanted to publish would not exist at all. At least she doesn’t know anything about it. Costello was “confused” in their eyes. She endured everything, heard everything and now only wants to speak about the truth.

It is now “enough” and if the allegations were to continue, it would no longer be fought out by her on social media, but in an ordinary court. Every cent that she would be awarded in possible damages in proceedings against Costello, she would then donate to an anti-bullying association. “I wish you peace and healing,” continued Teigen in the direction of Costello.

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