Record numbers of cases: USA cannot break the corona wave

Record numbers of cases: USA cannot break the corona wave

Record numbers of cases

USA cannot break corona wave

In no other country in the world have so many people died as a result of a corona infection as in the USA. The country with its 330 million inhabitants cannot control the spread of the pathogen. The authorities are already registering a new high.

Within a few days, the US has again recorded a high in new coronavirus infections. On Thursday, the authorities reported 187,396 new cases within 24 hours, according to data from the New York Times. The number of deaths in connection with a coronavirus infection continues to rise rapidly: Compared to Wednesday, 1962 new deaths were added. The highest value in one day was reached on April 15th with 2609 deaths.

The US only passed the quarter of a million death toll on Wednesday. Since the pandemic began, more than 252,000 people have known to have died from the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen – more than in any other country in the world. In total, more than 11.8 million people have been infected with the corona virus in the country with around 330 million inhabitants.

Many states are now tightening their corona requirements again. California, for example, is introducing a nocturnal exit restriction due to the increasing number of infections. This strict requirement now applies to a good 94 percent of the population. In the most populous state with around 40 million inhabitants, the government only issued new corona requirements on Monday.

The German company Biontech and the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer are expected to apply to the US FDA for emergency approval for the corona vaccine they have developed this Friday. The US government hopes that if the decision is positive, millions of doses of the vaccine could be available before the end of the year.

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