Recount complete: Georgia Biden win confirmed

Recount complete: Georgia Biden win confirmed

In the US presidential election, Joe Biden also won the state after a vote count in Georgia. The evaluation of the votes by hand showed that the original vote count correctly reflected the winner of the election.

Following the recount of votes cast in the US presidential election in Georgia, state authorities have confirmed Democrat Joe Biden’s victory. Georgia’s Home Secretary Brad Raffensperger told local broadcaster WSB-TV that the difference between the first and second counts would “not fill a thimble.”

There is “no doubt” that the state will formally confirm Biden’s victory over Republican incumbent Donald Trump on Friday. In Georgia, Biden and Trump were only about 14,000 votes apart according to the original machine count. This made the recount necessary.

After the recounting by hand, Biden’s lead decreased slightly to 12,200 votes. Because Biden’s lead is still very narrow, the US president can request a new count after the election results have been recorded, Raffensperger’s statement said.

The legal advisor to Trump’s campaign team, Jenna Ellis, immediately questioned the result of the recount. “This so-called hand recount went exactly as we expected because Georgia simply counted all the illegal votes,” she said. Trump’s campaign team will keep “all legal options” open.

The population of Georgia counts about 10.6 million eligible voters – slightly less than Baden-Württemberg – and provides 16 voters. According to data provider Edison Research, Biden got a total of 306 voters in the presidential election, Trump 232.

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