Red light spectacle for rovers: New York City lights up for Mars mission


Red light spectacle for rovers
New York City lights up for Mars mission

In addition to China and the United Arab Emirates, the US has also sent a space probe to Mars. The US rover “Perserverance” is scheduled to land on the Red Planet this week – the Empire State Building will honor the event.

On the occasion of the planned landing of a new rover of the US space agency Nasa on Mars, the tip of the Empire State Building is supposed to glow red on Tuesday in New York. The operator announced. The rover “Perseverance” (in German: Perseverance), which was launched in the summer of last year, will try to land on the Red Planet on Thursday. The Empire State Building, a skyscraper in the middle of Manhattan that will be 90 years old this year, glows in different colors almost every evening to celebrate holidays or sports teams.

Other countries are also heavily involved in the exploration of Mars. Only last week the space probe of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) entered the orbit of the planet without any major incidents. “Mission accomplished,” wrote Prime Minister Mohammed bin Raschid al-Maktum on Twitter. The first spacecraft from an Arab country to collect climate data from Mars was launched from Japan in July. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and thus the de facto ruler of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Sajid al-Nahjan, recently wrote in a tweet of a “historic Emirati mission”.

The “Al-Amal” (Hope) mission is designed to help capture the first complete picture of Mars’ climate over a full year on the planet. The space probe, which weighs 1,350 kilograms, will, among other things, observe the atmosphere as well as weather changes and the change of seasons.

The Chinese Mars probe Tianwen-1 also reached an orbit of the Red Planet last week. Tianwen means “questions to heaven”. The probe was launched from the southern Chinese island of Hainan on July 23. The mission is not China’s first attempt to reach Mars. A first attempt in 2011 together with Russia was canceled after a failed start.

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