Regis Progre: “Broner is not interested in fighting me because I am not very famous”


Former world light welterweight champion Regis Progre considers himself a generally little-known boxer and therefore, at the moment, he is trying to make as many potential fans as possible know about him. Then it will be easier for him to organize big fights and interest other boxers in fights with him.

“I had a short break, only 5 months, which is good. I’m busy and happy. Everything I do is my own promotion. I think the lack of this is what caused my downfall. Well, not that straight fall, but you know … I was already a world champion. This is the highest rank you can reach. I was the undefeated champion with one of the highest early win rates and most people didn’t even know who I was! Fighting with me is a big risk and a small reward, so many people don’t want to fight me. Names like Broner are not interested in me. If it were not for the World Boxing Super Series tournament, I would not have had a chance to declare myself. That is why I joined the tournament, ”said the fighter.

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