Regis Progre: “I know our rematch with Taylor is unlikely to take place”


Former world champion Regis Progra has admitted that he does not hope to have a rematch with Jorsh Taylor, whom he lost in the final of the world boxing super series. According to Regis, the fact that his potential rival is now working with the promotion company Top Rank seriously complicates negotiations, and in general, the Briton has many important fights on his nose, including the fight for the title of absolute world champion with Jose Ramirez.

“You know how boxing works from a business point of view. Josh is now in Top Rank, on the side of the competition. Of course, I want to fight Josh Taylor again as soon as I succeed, but I do not challenge him for revenge, because I know that these are just words to the wind and most likely this fight will not take place. I know Josh Taylor doesn’t even want to come close to me. If I were in his place, I would have done so. The result of our fight is rather controversial and the decision could go to both him and me. I think if we were in the USA, I would definitely win. The fight was very close. “

“I think Taylor will fight Ramirez, and after that, perhaps, he will rise higher and fight Terence Crawford. Whoever wins the Taylor-Ramirez fight, I believe he will rise in weight and fight Crawford. “

“In boxing, you never know how the situation will unfold. I want to become world light welterweight champion again, and if I have to fight for the vacant title, then so be it. “

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