Regis Progre: “I’ve studied Marvin Hagler’s fights for years”


The recent death of former world middleweight champion Marvin Hagler shocked the boxing world. Former world champion Regis Progra was also unpleasantly impressed. The 32-year-old fighter revealed that Marvin has always been one of his favorite fighters alongside Evander Holyfield, and at one time he watched many of the fights of the formidable puncher, trying to extract from them things that he could add to his own arsenal.

“Marvin Hagler is still a man. He is the fighter you consider your favorite boxer to be. If you are a boxing fan, then you need to respect him. He climbed to the top, having overcome the difficult path. “

“I’m left-handed and I loved watching Hagler’s fights. I’ve studied it for years. One of my goals was to meet with him. I wanted to meet all these legends and I am very happy that I succeeded. “

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