Republicans and Trump fan: MPs stormed the Capitol with mob


Derrick Evans took his oath of office as a MP in the lower house of the US state West Virginia just a few weeks ago. Now the Republican is violently storming the Capitol with other Trump supporters. His loyalty to the US president could result in criminal prosecution.

Derrick Evans left no doubt about his name and where he is. “Derrick Evans is in the Capitol,” called the 34-year-old into his camera, which he used to broadcast the coup attempt in Washington live on his Facebook profile. “We’re in, we’re in, go now, move on,” said Evans, encouraging President Donald Trump’s personally motivated enemies of democracy to disrupt the joint Senate-House meeting, in which the election of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over the incumbent is officially verified and should be confirmed.

Evans is not just some fanatic who adheres to the omnipotence fantasies of Trump, but according to “Buzzfeed News” also a Republican MP. Only a few weeks ago he had taken his oath of office in the House of Commons in West Virginia – now he presented the whole world as he was in the middle of it, as hundreds of protesters with Trump insignia, Holocaust trivializations and tattoos of symbols popular with neo-Nazis violently stormed the heart of American democracy, forcing those gathered there to bring their lives and limbs to safety.

According to the report, Evans deleted the videos later, but they had long since spread – but because he presented his face in addition to his name, identification was not too difficult. “The patriots are here,” the 34-year-old shouted into his camera after entering the Capitol. The Washington Post also reported a friendly greeting with a police officer. According to Buzzfeed News, the mob can also be heard threatening House spokesperson Democrat Nancy Pelosi. “I would love to see Nancy Pelosi come over here,” he says. One woman replies: “If she did that, someone would risk his or her life […] and more than happy to go to jail for it. “Evans replied with a laugh,” Oh yes, that’s right. “

According to the US medium, Evans is not a classic Republican but “part of a new wave of Trump loyalists who are running for Republicans but loathe the establishment and instead see themselves as part of a ‘patriotic’ movement.” They spread the election fraud allegations made by Trump without any factual basis and want to fight to ensure that the current president remains in office despite the clear and officially established defeat in the November 3rd election.

Speaker doesn’t believe Evans excuse

Buzzfeed News also reports that during his own campaign, Evans spread the lies “that dead people voted,” as well as “conspiracy myths about the Covid-19 vaccine,” and that he condemned the “Black Lives Matter” protests. On January 1st, he posted a picture of numerous weapons and the corresponding ammunition, plus “Happy New Year”.

In another video of the Capitol storming video, Evans says, “It’s going to be wild today folks.” The Republican MP’s Facebook profile also states that he organized two buses full of “patriots from West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio” that also made their way to Washington. Associated with the hashtag #StopTheSteal, which Trump also used in his speech in the run-up to the coup attempt to draw attention to the alleged election fraud. However, numerous US courts and the Conservative Majority Supreme Court have repeatedly denied claims against the result for lack of evidence.

Evans apparently did not need this evidence for Derrick Evans, who had set out in a helmet and military-style clothing to disrupt the meeting in the Capitol and on behalf of the president to try to prevent Biden’s election victory from being recognized. In a statement that Evans published after the riots, in which at least four people were killed, he claims that he was not there as a member of parliament, but as an alleged “independent media representative”.

Apparently even Roger Hanshaw, Republican spokesman for the West Virginia House of Commons, did not believe him. That said in one Statementthat Evans “has to explain to his constituents and colleagues why he was involved in the events of that day”. Because, Hanshaw continues: “Storming government buildings and violently disrupting our political institutions is a crime.” Matched with a sentence that Evans had also said in his livestream: “Trump paved the way for it.”

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