Republicans threaten Georgia Secretary of State

Republicans threaten Georgia Secretary of State

The State Secretary of the US state Georgia has come under massive pressure. Republicans have asked him to question the postal voting results. There are even death threats.

In an interview about the election, Georgia’s State Secretary Brad Raffensperger reports how accusations and even death threats reach him. The reason for this is the defeat of Donald Trump in the fight for the presidency. Many Republicans, including Senator Lindsey O. Graham, still see an election fraud – even if it cannot be proven.

Undo Trump’s defeat

The Republicans would pressure him to question the postal votes. So the narrow defeat of Trump should be reversed. Raffensperger is desperate over allegations of election fraud in the state of Georgia. One allegation is that the company that makes the voting machines manipulated Trump votes so that they were not included in the count.

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Raffensperger and his wife have already received death threats. One read, “You better not screw up this recount. Your life depends on it.” He has now reported the threats to the authorities.

Georgia is currently in the midst of recounting the nearly five million ballot papers as the result was very close. Joe Biden had a lead of only 14,000 votes. The re-counting, which is done by hand, has so far proven the accuracy of the voting machines. Some counties have already reported that the results were correct.

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