‘Reset button for Corona year’: Mysterious column in Utah’s desert is causing speculation


Aliens in Utah’s desert?
Mysterious pillar causes speculation

Actually, they wanted to count sheep. Instead, employees of a conservation agency in the US state of Utah discover a mysterious object from the air. On closer inspection, it turns out to be a metal column. How this got into the desert can only be guessed at.

The appearance of a mysterious metal pillar in the western United States has caused much speculation. The pillar was discovered by accident from the air last week in southern Utah. The officers, who were supposed to be counting sheep, landed near the more than three and a half meter high column to examine it more closely. However, this did not clarify their possible origin. The public safety agency said with a wink, “It is illegal to install structures or art on government-administered public land without a permit, no matter what planet you are from.”

The authority did not provide the exact location of the column in order to keep onlookers away. Because the discovery has already led to diverse speculations on social media about the originator and meaning of the object – from the work of extraterrestrials to fans of science fiction films to a reset button for the Corona year 2020.

The environment in which the column was discovered is also impassable. Officials in Utah fear that visitors could get lost there and provoke a rescue operation. The New York Times quoted a spokesman for the state’s conservation agency as saying that the remote, rugged area is full of rocks, canyons and potential hazards. It is very difficult to get to by vehicle and on foot.

The effort that must have been made to ram the monolith into the ground is all the more astonishing, said a spokesman for the public security agency in an interview with the New York Times. He describes the most likely scenario as being an art installation. How long the object has been standing in the desert is therefore unclear. It must have been built in the period after the 1940s and 1950s, they say.

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