residents of an English village filed a complaint against Ed Sheeran

residents of an English village filed a complaint against Ed Sheeran

In it, he bought a house, invested millions in it, arranged a total renovation, but did not ask the opinion of the locals.

It became known that a collective complaint is being prepared against the 30-year-old British singer Ed Sheeran to the supervisory authorities of the United Kingdom. Residents of Franlingham, Suffolk County, England are going to serve it.

It is there that the artist’s luxurious country mansion is located, in the construction of which he invested 3.7 million pounds, which is about 371 million rubles. The locals are outraged by the abundance of buildings that the musician erects.

Sheeran bought a huge area for his home, but other people live in Franlingham besides him. Although the village has already received the name “Sheeranville” among the people, the star is not flattered by such fame, writes DailyMail.

“Let people not meddle in my affairs, but take care of their own. I didn’t come up with this name. But I would like to rename it to “Shire” as I am a big fan of “The Hobbit”. I like this place, “- this is how Ed comments on the situation.

He added that he spent a lockdown in this place, and intends to live in it for the rest of his days. Note that Sheeran organized his self-isolation at the highest level.

So, for example, in the pandemic, a gym was built near his house, a bar with a huge stone oven for preparing traditional Italian pizza, as well as two barbecue areas.

It is noteworthy that Franlingham is Ed’s small homeland. But none of his neighbors expected that, having matured, he would begin to turn her into a miniature copy of London. People just don’t want this kind of renovation.

Meanwhile, Sheeran is gradually buying new houses in the settlement, opening pubs, and even planning to build his own chapel. At the same time, he himself categorically forbids the authorities to build something near his property.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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