Resignation of Johnson employee causes dispute in London

Resignation of Johnson employee causes dispute in London

If you believe media reports, a bitter argument is raging in Downing Street. There is even speculation about possible resignations of Johnson advisor Dominic Cummings and Brexit negotiator David Frost.

After the resignation of the head of communications from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a heated dispute broke out in the British government, according to media reports. There is speculation about a power struggle between different groups within the management level.

Communications chief Lee Cain announced on Wednesday evening without giving a reason that he would be leaving his post at the end of the year. Cain is a close confidante of Johnson consultant Dominic Cummings. Both are companions of the conservative politician from the election campaign for the Brexit referendum in 2016, in which the British narrowly voted to leave the EU. Cummings is now considered a puller in the government seat of Downing Street, but is controversial. According to TimesRadio journalist Tom Newton Dunn, he is said to be “very unhappy” with Cain’s departure and at times considered resigning himself.

Cain was reportedly to be promoted to chief of staff

The Times recently reported that Cain should be promoted to chief of staff. But that was reportedly met with displeasure from ministers, advisors and members of parliament. BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg tweeted resistance from Johnson’s fiancé Carrie Symonds, citing unnamed insider sources. Even a resignation of Brexit negotiator David Frost, who is counted as part of the Cain camp, cannot be ruled out, according to the BBC reporter.

According to the “Guardian”, the former journalist Cain first became known to a wider public during the 2010 election campaign: For the left-wing tabloid “Daily Mirror” he disguised as a chicken followed conservative politicians during election campaign appearances and made fun of them. He later switched to the “Vote Leave” Brexit campaign.

A successor has already been determined

“It has been a privilege to have worked as an advisor to Mr Johnson for the past three years and to be part of the team that helped him win the leadership of the Tory Party and secure the largest Conservative majority in three decades,” said Cain on Wednesday. It was also an honor for him that he was offered the post of Chief of Staff. Johnson thanked Cain for his services and called him a “true ally and friend”.

According to the broadcaster, the current chief government spokesman, James Slack, will follow Cain in the role of communications chief.

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