Resolution submitted: Democrats push Trump’s impeachment


Resolution submitted
Democrats are pushing Trump’s impeachment

Donald Trump’s time as US President ends on January 20th. However, a corresponding resolution should ensure that he is removed from his office earlier. In addition, the outgoing head of state is to be banned from future government offices.

After Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol, the Democrats in the US House of Representatives tabled a resolution to initiate a second impeachment trial against the elected president. The Democratic MP Ted Lieu said on Twitter. Lieu played a leading role in the resolution to remove Trump from office for “inciting rebellion”.

Militant Trump supporters stormed the US Congress on Wednesday, killing a police officer, among other things. The Democrats accuse the elected president of previously inciting the crowd with a speech about the violence.

“President Trump has seriously endangered the security of the United States and its government institutions,” said the impeachment resolution that was presented. He also “threatened the integrity of the democratic system” and “hindered the peaceful transfer of power”. The Democrats also called on Vice President Mike Pence to remove Trump. Should Pence fail to do so, the Democrats will decide to bring charges against the president.

Democrats want to prevent second candidacy

The Democrats control the House of Representatives and can confirm the charges against the President with their majority. According to reports, a vote is planned for this week. Then the Senate would have to deal with it. A decision there before January 20th is virtually impossible.

Trump would be the first US president in history to have two impeachment proceedings opened. He leaves office with the swearing-in of his Democratic successor Joe Biden on January 20th. In addition to impeachment, the draft resolution also provides that Trump should be banned from future government offices. This would deny him a possible candidacy in 2024. Therefore the impeachment process would be more than a symbolic step for the history books.

The two-thirds majority in the Senate, which is necessary for a conviction of Trump, is not in sight, even if resentment about Trump is also growing among Republicans. In the first impeachment proceedings, the Republicans in the Senate acquitted Trump in February 2020.

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