Result within 30 minutes: USA approves quick test for home


Result within 30 minutes
US Approves Rapid Home Test

Corona tests for home use are already approved in the USA, but so far the smears had to be checked in the laboratory. A new process now enables complete private use. The Medicines Agency speaks of an “important step”.

For the first time, the USA has given the green light to corona rapid tests for individual use. The FDA cleared the way for the tests with an emergency approval. The product, manufactured by the US company Lucira Health, requires a prescription. After a smear on the nose, a result should be available within half an hour. According to the manufacturer, a quick test costs the equivalent of around 40 euros.

“The FDA has approved the first Covid-19 test that can be used by a person and delivers the result at home,” said FDA chief Stephen Hahn. It is an important step forward in making tests available to all citizens.

The FDA had already approved corona tests for home use in the spring. However, the results of these tests must be evaluated by a laboratory. The USA is the country hardest hit by the corona pandemic in the world. As of Tuesday, health officials recorded more than 11.4 million infections and nearly 248,500 deaths.

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