revealed a new reason for the divorce of Kardashians and West

revealed a new reason for the divorce of Kardashians and West

The model and businesswoman were literally going to wipe her husband off the face of the earth.

Journalists have revealed a new possible reason for the divorce of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The couple announced that they are no longer together a couple of months ago. Almost immediately, West moved out of Kim’s house, leaving his wife and children to cope with problems alone.

Later, Kim gave a frank interview, in which she confessed that she was very tired of living with men who did not share her interests. Kardashian would very much like to meet the person who will make her happier.

On the Web, a real persecution began on the Kardashians.

“She proved to be a bastard,” “I don’t believe this is possible,” “It’s just disgusting,” “The Kardashians are smarter than Spears’s dad, and more media. She will not do this “,” Kim, like her sisters, are ready for any nasty thing, I’m not surprised “, – wrote users on Twitter.

Photo source: Legion-media

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