Richard Madden showed the process of creating a costume


The Game of Thrones star is preparing to shoot a new film.

Hollywood actor Richard Madden will soon appear on the screens in the spy series Citadel. In the meantime, the artist showed that he has to endure in preparation for filming.

The 34-year-old actor has posted on his personal blog several short videos shot during the creation of a costume for his character. The performer of the role of Robb Stark had to get used to the image of a mannequin for a while. For his hero, they came up with not just an outfit, but also a special mask.

The artist, naked to the waist, was first coated with silicone to make it easier to take a cast, and then doused with plaster. The dressers carefully hid the artist’s hair under a special hat so as not to damage the hair.

From the expression on Richard’s face, fans guessed that the procedure was not pleasant. While the plaster was drying, the actor was deprived of sight and hearing: only two breathing holes were left in the mask. After the plaster cast was removed, Richard even laughed with relief.

Madden’s partners in the new series are Priyanka Chopra and Stanley Tucci. The production of the picture is carried out by Amazon, which keeps the plot of the future series in strict confidence. Recently it became known that the film will contain both action and a powerful emotional filling.

The project was directed by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, who worked on the Avengers films – Infinity War and Endgame.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Maria Novikova

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