Rihanna undressed in support of LGBT people

Rihanna undressed in support of LGBT people

The singer got a standing ovation, the audience was delighted.

Rihanna has been known to help sexual minorities for a long time. Every year she participates in Pride Month, expressing her support for the LGBT community.

Rihanna undressed in support of LGBT people

On the last day of June, the singer decided to put an end to and surprise the audience with a frank outfit. On Instagram, Rihanna posted a photo that garnered 4.3 million likes. Among the assessments there was also a “heart” from Nastya Ivleeva.

The picture shows Rihanna posing in a mesh swimsuit decorated with rainbow patches. The singer flirtatiously tries to pull off her shorts, heating up the excitement of subscribers.

The audience praised the singer for her courage with enthusiastic comments.

“We adore you,” “You stole my heart,” “I’ve been looking at this for an hour,” “Magic,” “Do this more often,” the subscribers admire.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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