Rising violence in the US: Biden wants to curb illegal arms sales

Rising violence in the US: Biden wants to curb illegal arms sales

Increasing violence in the US

Biden wants to curb illegal arms sales

The number of people dying from firearms in the United States is increasing. US President Joe Biden speaks of an epidemic and announces tougher measures against the illegal sale of pistols and rifles. Retailers in particular have to adapt to a “zero tolerance” strategy.

US President Joe Biden wants to counteract the increasing violence in the US with tougher action against illegal arms sales. The US government will set to “zero tolerance” in dealing with dealers who willfully sell firearms to unauthorized persons or who do not carry out required background checks, the White House said. It is important to prevent weapons from falling into the “wrong hands”.

The government strategy for crime prevention, which Biden wants to present this Wednesday with Justice Minister Merrick Garland, also provides for stronger support for local security authorities because of a possible worsening of the security situation in the summer months. For example, the FBI is supposed to help identify violent criminals and criminal organizations in the communities. Adolescents and young adults should also be offered more employment opportunities and former offenders should be supported in reintegrating into their social environment.

The number of homicides has increased significantly

According to the White House, the number of homicides in the first quarter of this year was 24 percent higher than in the same period last year and 49 percent higher than in the same period of 2019. The White House leads the increase in violence to the spread of illegal weapons and also to the coronavirus. Pandemic back. In the United States, there are regular fatal incidents involving firearms, which are usually easy to buy there. Biden describes the gun violence as an “epidemic”.

For a tightening of the gun laws, however, it would need Congress – and many Republicans are opposed to this. The gun lobby is very powerful in the United States. Biden’s Democrats currently have a slim majority in both chambers of the US Congress, but for far-reaching legislative changes they would have to rely on the votes of a few Republicans in the Senate.

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