Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan revealed their name with her son’s ex-husband


The actress dreams of showing the baby the results of filming during pregnancy.

The star of the series “Riverdale” and “My nanny is a vampire” Vanessa Morgan in January this year became a mother for the first time. But only the other day she declassified the baby’s name and even showed a photo from the hospital, which shows the baby’s little hand.

“On January 29th, Michael and I welcomed the birth of our beautiful boy, River. Words cannot describe such love. We enjoy this time at home, being present and giving him all the love in the world … Becoming parents is the most useful gift in the whole world. Thank you, Lord, ”- signed the photo Morgan.

Recall that the child’s father was basketball player Michael Kopek, whom the actress married in January last year, six months after the engagement. However, this marriage did not become long and happy. Already in the summer of 2020, after Vanessa announced pregnancy, the news of her separation from Michael appeared. It was Kopek who filed for divorce.

After that, some Instagram users began to doubt that Michael was the father of the baby. Like, infidelity was the reason for the divorce. But her colleagues immediately stood up for the pregnant Morgan, assuring that she was an honest and amazing girl who would become a wonderful mother.

The actress does not despair. She separately thanked the showrunners for the opportunity to organically fit her pregnancy into the stories and continue filming. For example, during the filming of “My nanny is a vampire” she even participated in a scene with live snakes.

“I can’t wait to show my little boy what his mom was up to eight weeks before he was born,” wrote Vanessa on social media.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Julia Malashikhina

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