Robert Garcia: “Devin Haney Can’t Become a Superstar Without Knockouts”

Robert Garcia: “Devin Haney Can’t Become a Superstar Without Knockouts”

According to Robert Garcia, if Devin Haney continues to give such performances as in the fight against Yuriorkis Gamboa, then less and less audience attention will be attracted to him each time. Recall that the last two fights of the young boxer were not filled with events and passed all 12 rounds.

“Could this guy be a superstar? Yes, of course, but he needs to do something better. He needs to win more impressively, he needs to win by knockout. Even if he doesn’t have punching power, he will still be a great fighter and a great champion. Yes, people will not be too eager to watch new fights, but the fans will wait for the fight if Haney fights against Gervonta Davis, Teofimo Lopez, Ryan Garcia. But if Devin Haney fights with someone else, an opponent that no one knows or doesn’t care about, views and ratings will drop. “

“People don’t want to watch boring fights. They want to see knockouts and knockdowns. Jervonta Davis just got a great knockout, now people want to watch his next fight. They will hope that this fight will be against Garcia, Lopez or Haney. As for Davin himself, people won’t be looking forward to his next fight. This is how boxing works, ”Robert shrugs.

“Devin Haney will be a great champion, he can make a lot of money, maybe even remain undefeated for a long time, but he will not become the superstar that brings with him the spectacle.”

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