Robotic company introduced terminals for testing for coronavirus


Standalone Promobot Thermocontrol terminals measure a person’s temperature with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees, work without an operator, save information about measurements and alert the security service about visitors with high temperature. The measurement takes only 5 seconds, for the whole process one person will need from 10 to 25 seconds.

“Now most often people measure temperature. This is slow and not safe – there is a risk of spreading the virus among employees. Our development will help to organize rapid temperature measurement, not to risk the health of employees and maintain the quality of service, ”said Oleg Kivokurtsev, Development Director of Promobot. – Terminals for measuring temperature in crowded areas can become a new safety standard – along with metal detectors and video surveillance cameras. Robots and technologies must quickly respond to threats and ensure the safety of people – this is their first priority.

”Terminals are devices with a remote thermometer and a screen. In the basic version, notifications and temperature measurement results appear on the screen. The advanced version has a face recognition system – it can be integrated with enterprise security systems. Thus, the terminal can limit further access to the building of a person with a fever.

Promobot also introduced a special version of a diagnostic robot equipped with the same remote thermometer. The robot is able to conduct a survey for the presence of primary symptoms of COVID-19 and measure the temperature, it can also be integrated into security systems. It works autonomously, can memorize and recognize people’s faces, print diagnostic results and recommendations.

The company is already negotiating the introduction of terminals and a robot at industrial enterprises, airports, shopping and business centers. Solutions can be applied in schools, hospitals, train stations, hotels and other crowded places.

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