Role models USA and France: Vets want to help vaccinate


Models USA and France
Veterinarians want to help with vaccination

In the USA, the involvement of veterinarians in the vaccination campaign contributed to the success, says association boss Moder. He also demands that in Germany. The vets could care for two million people a month.

The German veterinarians have asked the federal government to involve them in the corona vaccination campaign. The approximately 10,000 veterinary practices in Germany with 50 vaccinations per week and practice in one month could easily supply two million people with the vaccine, said Siegfried Moder, President of the Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians, of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

The federal government must immediately create the legal prerequisites for this in this country, demanded the head of the association. “If large quantities of vaccines actually arrive in the second quarter, as the federal government promises, then everyone in Germany who can vaccinate should vaccinate,” said Moder.

In the US, veterinarians would vaccinate as a matter of course. This pragmatic approach is contributing to the great success there, said President Moder. In France too, veterinarians should soon be giving vaccinations against the coronavirus, said the head of the association.

Moder accused Health Minister Jens Spahn from the CDU of “failures and mismanagement”. His association had already offered the federal government its support with the corona vaccination at the beginning of December, “but our offer of help has been ignored to this day, like the corona testing by accredited vet laboratories last summer,” criticized Moder. “You can do that when you have the situation under control,” said Moder. In view of the third wave and the daily bad news, his association considers “this ignorance to be grossly negligent.”

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